"... But Jesus, when i meet the Dutch, i just jump on and go along for the ride. If you ever get the chance to sling with the Dutch of 4000, roll with it and enjoy!" - MG (Magnus de Laval, Fishliver Oil Cup Ed. 3)


Greetings fine wanderer of the web, and welcome to the home of the Dwarven Warriors Cup (DWC): an annual Dutch Old School gathering which is scheduled the day after the Summer Edition of The Gathering of the Knights of Thorn tournament.

The tournaments birthfather and host is Sir Erwin Demmer, an avid Dutch enchanter from the great city of Voorthuizen. The tournament is invite-only and rumour has it that the amount of lobbying required to get anywhere close to attaining such an invitation is - unfortunately - well beyond true madness. Or is it?.

Erwin makes sure he provides his guests an insouciant and awesome time through his endless hospitality. Which he takes as seriously as slinging his old cardboard, seemingly effortless and with maximum amount of joy.

The DWC follows strict rules regarding its cardpool: only limited coresets Alpha and Beta are allowed to be taken into battle. Therefore, you're guaranteed as much throwback as possible - outrivalled by Alpha40 only - and you'll end up in an era where only the mere basics apply. DWC honors the B n' R of our Swedish collegues; modern rules, as is accustomed, apply.

The Wizards council of Yore

Currently over twice the number of attending participants have been accepted to duel one another, as the first gathering was only accessible to ten sorcerors, several of which international.

  1. Robbie van Bakel
  2. Tom Posthuma
  3. Anne Joldersma
  4. Evert Visser
  5. Edo Hoksbergen
  6. Wijnand Schoenmakers
  7. Koos Cramer
  8. Nick Cramer
  9. Dyan de Rochemont
  10. Mari Steinhage
  11. Wilfred van Doornik
  12. Erwin Demmer
  1. Jeff de Nijs
  2. Richard Veenman
  3. Roy Neijland
  4. Marty Silenus (USA)
  5. Jason Schwartz (HR)
  6. Wessel van Dobben
  7. Simon Schoofs (BE)
  8. Peter Monten (BE)
  9. Thilo (DE)
  10. Florian von Bredow (DE)
  11. Lorenzo Novaro (IT)

Graphé de Pugna


Dwarven Warriors #3

August 8th, 2020

Past Event

Dwarven Warriors #2

June 23rd, 2019