Greetings fine wanderer of the web, and welcome to the home of the Dwarven Warriors Cup (DWC): a special annual Dutch Old School gathering.

... But Jesus, when i meet the Dutch, i just jump on and go along for the ride. If you ever get the chance to sling with the Dutch of 4000, roll with it and enjoy!
– MG (Magnus de Laval, Fishliver Oil Cup Ed. 3)

The tournaments birthfather and host is Sir Erwin Demmer, an avid Dutch enchanter from the great city of Voorthuizen. The tournament is invite-only and rumour has it that the amount of lobbying required to get anywhere close to attaining such an invitation is - unfortunately - well beyond true madness. Or is it?.

Erwin makes sure he provides his guests an insouciant and awesome time through his endless hospitality. Which he takes as seriously as slinging his old cardboard, seemingly effortless and with maximum amount of joy.

The DWC follows strict rules regarding its cardpool: only limited coresets Alpha and Beta are allowed to be taken into battle. Therefore, you're guaranteed as much throwback as possible - outrivalled by Alpha40 only - and you'll end up in an era where only the mere basics apply. DWC honors the B n' R of our Swedish collegues; modern rules, as is accustomed, apply.

2023 - BROTHERS WAR: 2 Headed Giant, Team Unified.

Behold, as the grand Magic the Gathering AB4K tournament approaches, the very fabric of time bends to accommodate the arcane duels that lie ahead. In a realm where wizards reign supreme and magic weaves its enchantments, the clash of mystical prowess shall be governed by a rigorous structure. Ten rounds, each lasting naught but fifty minutes, shall witness the triumphs and trials of eleven valiant teams, engaged in a round-robin format that leaves no stone unturned.

But lo! The path to victory is not a simple one, for the decks of each mighty duo must adhere to the ancient code of 93/94 Swedish Legal. Within this realm, where the arts of sorcery intertwine with ancient runes, the precise composition of one's deck holds the key to triumph. The archaic powers that govern this tournament demand that these teams, in their unison, assemble a repertoire of cards steeped in the mystic traditions of yore. A fusion of strategy and nostalgia, their combined decks must resonate with the echoes of bygone eras, drawing upon the ancient wisdom that only the Swedish Legal code can unlock.

Thus, the stage is set, and the air crackles with anticipation. Eleven teams, each poised to leave their indelible mark upon the tapestry of magic, prepare to face one another in this grand contest. With fifty minutes as their crucible, they shall duel with all their might, showcasing their command over the arcane arts and their mastery of ancient spells. In this realm of wonder and mystery, the Alpha/Beta AB4K tournament unfolds, where fate and fortune intertwine, and the wizards' mettle is tested against the backdrop of the enduring legacy of 93/94 Swedish Legality.

Additionally, after careful consideration, the following cards have received a restriction:

  • Control Magic (already restricted in AB4K)
  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane
  • Pestilence
  • Time Vault

And one card cannot be wielded safely and is therefore banned:

  • Channel

Each team starts with 30 life. The first mulligan is free.

The 2023 Wizard's council of Yore

As can be witnessed by watchful eyes, the selection of adventurous Wizards is strengthening and growing in numbers. The ancient art of spell slinging is gaining momentum as AB4K is further acknowledged as the only true path and righteous way to practice the fine arts of magic.

Yet don’t let this blind nor deceive one, as some apprentice’s intensions are foul and their spells false. Their uncontrollable hunger for power sometimes even lead them to manifest borders of a certain pale color, which we dare not utter here. They will be led astray and fall into darkness as powerful spells are not for the faint of heart. Only true Wizards prevail. Only the very wise will last.

After careful consideration of the oldest and wisest of the tribe, these are the Wizards that have been summoned to this year’s summit, and will be challenged to present their most flavorful yet potent mixture of otherwise long-forgotten spells. Lo and behold:

  1. Edo Hoksbergen
  2. Henky Tanky
  3. Richard Stierman
  4. Dy
  5. Schnitzeltank
  6. Demmer
  7. Hunter de Jaegher(USA)
  8. MG
  9. One of the Cramers
  10. The other Cramer
  11. Evert the Legend
  12. Sexy Kangaroo (GER)
  1. Martin el Purrio (GER)
  2. Jordi Purple (ESP)
  3. Juancho the Force (ESP)
  4. Lluís Corgi
  5. Alexander Höper (GER)
  6. Monthausen
  7. Chefke
  8. Aniesch
  9. Kalle
  10. Reijnhardt der Erschrikligge
  11. David Croom USA
  12. David Simons

The Wall of Stone

These battles are hard-fought. No alliance can be built upon. Each sorcerer must harness everything within himself in the persuasion of victory. A second of ignorance leads to the ruination of one. Sacrifices must be made, all will mustered and the enemy be faced head-on.

2018, June 24th - Dwarven Warriors Cup I (10 players)
1st - Jason Schwartz
2nd - Magnus De Laval (Black-White Midrange)

2019, June 23rd - Dwarven Warriors Cup II (22 players)
1st - Dyan de Rochemont (Mono Black)
2nd - Marty Silenus (Vise Gauntlet)
3rd - Edo Hoksbergen (Black Green)

2020, August 8th - Dwarven Warriors Cup III - (24 players)
1st - Dyan de Rochemont (Mono Black)
2nd - Ron Dijkstra (Mono Black)
3rd - Magnus De Laval (Black-White Midrange)

2021, August 4th - Dwarven Warriors Cup IV - (25 players)
1st - Dyan de Rochemont (RWUb Trollion Angel)
2nd - Evert Visser (UR Bumping Heads)
3rd - Juan López Buzón (RG Midrange)

2022, August 13th - Dwarven Warriors Cup V - (34 players + Timmy Talks live)
1st - Albert Berg (RWUb)
2nd - Erwin Demmer (BRuw midrange)
3rd - Edo Hoksbergen (UW control)

Troubling news

These are daunting times. The senior uppermanagement of the tournament has received whispers of upcoming riots. Due to personal threats, Sir Demmer was forced to take precautionary measures and neither he nor his family has left the 4000 residence without 2 bouncers (1 alpha, 1 beta Unsummon) at their side for six months now. That, combined with formal and forceful complains by a certain Mr. Edo H. – who wishes to remain anonymous – has lead Sir Demmer to have no other choice but to retire the trusted tradition of powered and unpowered pools.

Thus, unlike previous years, let it be known that henceforth:

The Wizards Council will be split up in powered and unpowered pools no longer.

Word on the street is that Demmers' official standpoint is: "With great power, comes great responsibility". This statement is yet to be confirmed.

Graphé de Pugna

Behold, but a glimpse of the festivities and comradery that can be witnessed by the participating Wizards.

Upcoming Event

Dwarven Warriors #6
2HG Team Unified AB4K

September 23rd, 2023
10:30 Meetup

Round one starts after there is indisputable evidence that Mg has shown any sign of life.

Tournament ends after the last man can either no longer stand up straight or keep his eyes open.

Breaking News!

january, 2022: Drain Power receives Dwarven Oracle text update!

Read all about it in the rules section of AB4K!

Past Events

Dwarven Warriors #5

August 13th, 2022

Dwarven Warriors #4

August 7th, 2021

Dwarven Warriors #3

August 8th, 2020

Dwarven Warriors #2

June 23rd, 2019