So far we’ve seen Scryings strengthen an array of deck-/archetypes such as tribal (merfolk, gobins), combo (high tide) and midrange (Eron, Deep Spawn) as well as some nice (Argivian) toolkit cards. Keep ‘em coming! What’s next?!? Well..

Mining Dwarves

Players of Power and duals of yore have already taken some punishment in the form of Primal Order and Goblin Tinkerer. This critter takes it even further. At 1R and 1/2, it comes with the same cost and body of Atog, but instead of an unsatisfiable taste for its owners’ artifacts, it wastes opponents’ lands of at the expense of a stone rain.

Atog is to Shivan what Dwarven Miner is to Demonic Hordes: the one-card lockpiece: let all land be crumbled and put them on a 20 turn clock afterwards. What’s not to like?

The Nights' Spirit

I’ve only seen minor cannon fodder been unveiled (sorry, Eron). Until now that is. Now here’s one that makes my heart beat faster. A humongous, monstrous flyer never hurt anyone!

When Wilfred and I started with the 4th edition, Wilfred had a strong preference for white while I had that for black. We’d therefore predominantly play white versus black decks.

When Mirage came out a year later, Wilfred was there like no other and discovered a big black motherfocker. That night, I took on his first black deck, not yet knowing what cards were in that new set. Halfway through the first game, Wilfred threw a creature on the table and shouted as fanatically as possible: 6/5 Flying, trample, protection from black, first strike when attacking, unaffected by summoning sickness !!!!!! The first 5 minutes I could not recover from laughter, whahaha...... What a nut! This has always haunted him a little hahaha ..... So guess what I’ll be playing at nOObcon 12.


Erwin Demmer


Dwarven Warriors #3

August 8th, 2020

Past Event

Dwarven Warriors #2

June 23rd, 2019